Remove The Door, #99
Poetry of Christian FaithApril 13, 2023
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Remove The Door, #99

99, 10-9, SHOW  NOTES & COPYRIGHTS,  (Scheduled 4/13/2023)


Today we will be reading poems about prayer.

The first poem is in God’s Rhyme on pg. 33.


Dear Jesus, how do I pray,

            what do I say?

What words do I speak

            for the peace that I seek?

I give thanks to You

            for all that You do,

for the blessings You are giving

            in this life I am living.

I praise Your blessed name,

            forever & always it is the same.

Yesterday You guided me,

            today You helped me see.

Forgive me for all the wrongs,

keep me singing happy songs.

From temptation set me free

so that in You I can be.

I praise You

I thank You

I worship You

I honor You

Jesus, You set me free,

            now I can see.

When my vision is blurred

            You show me Your word.

As I have been blessed,

            now I pray for the rest,

for my sisters & brothers

            who think they have no other.

For our salvation You are risen,

            for us new life You have given.

Use me as You would

            that others may have what they should.

I praise You

I thank You

I worship You

I honor You

On bended knee or with hands upraised,

            it is Your life that is praised.

And as I give You my life

            You take from me my strife.

You have given me so much;

            joy, life, love & the such.

& all You have taken

            is my life’s burden.

You are all the love 

from Heaven above.

& Jesus, each time I pray 

there is not enough to say.



            I praise You

                        & Your holy name,

            I thank You 

for what You have done,

            I worship You

                        as my Savior & Lord,

            I honor You

                        as only You deserve,

            & I do Love you,

                        my Jesus, my Lord,

                        my Savior, my friend.



The next poem is in Living In God’s Rhyme on pg. 83.


Lord help me today

As I go on my way,

For this I do pray.

There is more to pray for,

Those who are ill

That their healing will

Also heal their souls.

There are those who need to be found.

Those who have not heard you sound,

There is a world full of pain

Waiting for your healing rain.

And for me, I pray for your help,

What I think I need for myself.

Then I read from Peter’s first letter

And know that I need to do better.

“Live such good lives among the pagans that,

Though they accuse you of doing wrong,

They may see your good deeds

And glorify God on the day he visits us.”

(1 Peter 2:12)

How do I live

With what the life

That surrounds me

Has to give?

I need more than the help for which I ask

If I am to complete my given task.

I must pray for that I understand

That he will carry me across the sand.

So now I pray in a different way.

I ask that God make me aware

That as I go through the day

If I open the door, he is there.

He wants to share his blessings

But I have to open the door 

So that I may receive more

Of what he has for me.

I pray that God helps me open my heart

As each new day doe s start.

I pray that I am open to receive

So at the day’s end I do not grieve.

Lord, take my life today and is it as you would,

I know that you can do more than I ever could.

I pray that I open the door to allow your spirit

Live within me and that I always hear it.

If I hear you speak

My prayer will be,

It will be complete.


The last poem about prayer is also in Living on God’s Rhyme on pg.85.


Dear Father in Heaven I pray that I live for you today.

Dear God I pray that all I say

Is that your will be done, that I live for your Son,

That with the setting sun, your will has been done.

My heartfelt hope, my desire

Is that I not deserve your ire,

That by your indwelling spirit,

The voice of your words, I hear it.

So why today do I feel defeated?

Why do I know there is a distance

Between you and me, and what I see?

Why do I know it is all because of . . .?

As I am lay my head upon my bed

I feel the fear that you are not near.

The fear that I know is that of what I did sow,

That when I shut the door, I feel your presence no more.

It is time that is wasted,

In a vast waste land that is my mind.

It is blessings that are squandered

As not trying, you I did not find.

Then your word as I pray to repent:

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.

And what does the Lord require of you?

To act justly and to love mercy

and to walk humbly with your god.

Micah 6: 8

As I get ready for sleep, as my soul does weep,

I pray that what I did sow, tomorrow will not grow.

As I get ready for sleep, I pray that my soul you keep,

Keep it from the dust, that I do what I must.

Yes, Lord I pray for your help in living my life

In a way that pleases you and those I meet.

I do pray for your help keeping me from strife,

From falling in the gutter of the crowded city street.

But more than that prayer

I pray that you remove the door,

The one that I keep closing,

That when closed keeps you out.

When that door is closed

My voice is silent

And my hearing deaf,

My sight is blinded.

So I ask Lord that this be my prayer:

But  for me, I watch in hope for the LORD,

I wait for God my Savior;

my God will hear me

Micah 7: 7


As we come to the end of today’s podcast, let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father we come to you in prayer as we end today’s podcast.  Dave and I thank You for leading us through the day and into tomorrow.  We thank You for all you have led us to and through.

We pray for our listeners and viewers; for their needs, healing and the salvation of those who have not yet accepted the gift of Your grace by faith. 

We pray, Lord, for this world in which we live.  Father, as Christians lead us to proclaiming the gospel where ever we are.  May we do so in a loving  way.  Lead us to the truth of the days we are living in.  

Dear Lord, prepare us and our listeners and viewers for the coming week.  We pray that it is You we live for and You who leads us.  As we walk with you  this week, may it be Your hand clasped around our hand so we may feel the grasp of Your love.

And this week may we remember the words from 2 Corinthians, 12:9; 

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, 

my power is perfect in weakness.”

At the beginning and at the end

And every moment in between,

May our strength be for His strength

So His perfection may be seem.

(from God Still Rhymes, Concluding Prayer)

We pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer.

Amen                                                                                                                                           (2/26/23)

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