Season 8, Episode 5 Peter Foxwell Interview Part 2
Poetry of Christian FaithSeptember 22, 2022x
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Season 8, Episode 5 Peter Foxwell Interview Part 2

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Peter Foxwell Interview, Part 2                        

Today we have part 2 of our interview with Peter Foxwell, the Pastor of Cornerstone Church in Clyde MI.



I would , as I did last week, read a poem inspired by Cornerstone Church.

WINDOWS TO GOD ( God Still Rhymes, pg. 65)

Continue discussion on church during covid:

     Loss of members

The structure of church services: 

     Differences between experiences growing up and today


     What is reasoning for decisions on what topics to use

     Pastor’s main calling is teaching and preaching from the Bible

     Explaining, clarifying passages from the Bible

Structure in church services:

     Discussion between Dave and Peter


Leadership Team Discussion:

     Elders Team

     Staff Team

Dad and 10-minute sermons

Peter, some structure and the Holy Spirit

Cornerstone, life changing

Need for another Great Awakening

There is hope

Jesus’ call to build His church

Go to and click on the Jesus tab

     Dave talks about what he found there

Thank you Peter for this interview.  

End of Part 2

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Tim and Dave


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