Season 8, Episode 8, Let God Write the Song
Poetry of Christian FaithOctober 13, 2022x
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Season 8, Episode 8, Let God Write the Song

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Today we will be reading and discussing poems about prayer and God’s rhyme written later at night, sitting on the edge of the bed on my cell phone.




The end of my day,

I took time to pray.

Nothing left to say,

Except . . .

I praise God for leading me

From where I could not see

Beyond my doubts,

Where trouble mounts,

Where I will mumble

And may well stumble.


That was yesterday,

What follows is today.


Gone is the sunlight,

Giving way to the night.

It was a blessed day

Through which I did pray.

Mistakes were sighted,

Then they were righted.

I was patient with time

And could sense the rhyme

Of where God was leading me.

Into the night I could see

An old and open book.

So I went to take a look.

It was the book of God’s word.

Seeing that my heart stirred.

Psalms led to John’s first letter.

The night was getting better.

What had been on my mind

While reading I did find

Answers to my doubt

Swirling around in my head

From other’s words I had read.

His words turned my heart about

So all I could then see

Was Jesus in front of me.







Amen          10/3,4/2021, tcarter







Words to write on this night,

I had a thought of what they ought

This night to say, first I must pray.


Dear Father in Heaven above,

I pray this night for words of love,

The words I can share

Expressing Your care.

The words of thanksgiving,

The life I am living,

My tomorrow

Without sorrow.

May the word

I have heard

Be what I write

This blessed night.

In Jesus’ name I pray.

Amen, again this day.


Thank You Lord.

I have adored

The rhymes You are giving

And the life I am living.

May I now be led to share

The blessing of Your loving care.

tcarter, 8/8/2022, 10:49 pm







I sat out of sight

As I prayed tonight

Praying for a prayer

That an answer be there

With my head bowed

I spoke not loud

Knowing God would hear

And wipe away the tear

Of uncertainty

Giving clarity

In His time

With His rhyme


I’ve seen His grace

In another’s faith

I’ve felt His grace

As I run my race

I will move forward

Following His word

Knowing the reason

For this season


I will pray

Every day

Hearing His call

Thankful for all

For me He has done

Through Jesus, His Son


tcarter, 9/19/2022, 9:40 pm








Sitting beside the dim light

The day has turned into night

As I bow my head to pray

I am thankful for this day


As I lay my head to rest

I know that I have been blessed

And when I awake in the morning

I will not live as before in mourning


It matters not the day

I will follow God’s way

I will answer His call

As the world does fall




The governed way

Now led astray


I will survive

Remain alive

Through another’s death

And resurrection


I will follow Jesus

He has made me worthy

Not at the world sees us

As only worthless


I am a child of God

As Jesus has risen

I am now forgiven

No longer of this world.


3/7/2022, 9:52 pm, tcarter






At those times,

There are rhymes,

I often find

I am not blind

To what I have heard

As I read God’s word.


What is true,

Is not new;

It was yesterday

As it is today.

And in believing tomorrow

He will overcome our sorrow.


Once walking the lonely road,

Weighed down by my earthly load,

I grew tired and weary

Living a life so dreary.


Then shown a ray from the Son,

The light of God’s Holy One.

And all I could then see

Was what He had done for me.

At the end of the road

He took my heavy load.



His rhyme,

His time,

Now I will live

As He did give.

My hands I will raise

And His name will praise.


5/14/2022, tcarter




As I prayed tonight

I was told to write

It wasn’t insight

But the present fight

The recent turmoil

As I did recoil

Again from the loss

I felt for the cross

As I felt alone

My heart turned to stone

What now could be done

As the setting sun

Leads to the starkness

Of constant darkness

And the constant doubt

Stiflingly the shout

It was then I slept

Knowing of my debt

And that it was paid

Then Jesus I praised

I fell to the floor

Humbled to the core

Tears began to flow

As His light did glow

I again found hope

That I could now cope

And so overcome

Through Jesus, God’s Son

As He wiped my tears

He covered my fears

tcarter, 10/5/2022, 10:48 pm

Sent from my iPhone




Dear Heavenly Father we come to you in prayer as we end today’s podcast.  Dave and I thank You for Your leading us through the day and into tomorrow.  We pray that today has been pleasing to You and honors Your glory.


We pray for our listeners and viewers; for their needs, healing and the salvation of those who have not yet accepted the gift of Your grace by faith. 


We pray, Lord, for this world in which we live.  Father, as Christians lead us to proclaiming the gospel where ever we are.  May we do so in a loving  way.  Lead us to the truth of the days we are living in.  We pray for the nation of Ukraine and its people; its leaders, those who have fled the country to find safety, those who are still trying to leave the country and those who are staying to fight the invading army of their enemy.   May their faith and determination be an example to the entire world.


Dear Lord, prepare us and our listeners and viewers for the coming week.  We pray that it is You we live for and You who leads us.  As we walk with you  this week, may it be Your hand clasped around our hand so we may feel the grasp of Your love.


We pray in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer.




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